Insurance Management

Life insurance is a financial tool that is often utilized in wealth management for its leveraging and preferential tax characteristics. The magnitude of its role in financial planning has led us to develop strong internal consulting capabilities. Insurance is a complex financial asset with a multitude of features and riders that affect cost, risk, and return. These need to be monitored on an ongoing basis.

We take a bespoke approach to a client’s insurance needs by reviewing existing policies for necessity, purpose, income and estate tax consequences, risk, cost, and exercisable options. We also analyze the integration of new products vs. other alternative financial instruments and techniques.

Given that each client’s insurance needs are different, we advise on variety of issues:

  • Analyzing and comparing policy performance relative to original projections for existing policies or making comparisons of new products by testing product illustrations, company performance, and financial strength relative to projections.
  • Re-engineering existing contracts to make improvements for better performance.
  • Advising clients on any changes needed to achieve the intended objectives of the policy or plan.
  • Comparative cost benefit analysis of a variety of financial instruments and techniques which meet objectives.
  • Reviewing split dollar programs, deferred compensation funding, buy/sell funding, and other business uses of insurance contract.