CFM Horizon - Cash Flow Model

Our proprietary Cash Flow Model delivers a visually straightforward roadmap which helps uncover opportunities, optimizes resources, and results in integrated, logical, forward looking perspective. Designed in-house and customized to each client, our model is critical to understanding the numerous components of our clients’ financial lives, while providing a sound basis for investment, estate, retirement, and tax planning.

Gain Financial Perspective

CFM Horizon integrates a client’s cash flow with their balance sheet for an easy-to-follow financial blueprint. Our detailed analysis outlines where a client stands when it comes to reaching their long-run financial goals.

Discover Portfolio Risk/Return Profile

CFM Horizon provides a global overview of a client’s financial picture, where they stand currently, and where they ultimately want to go. This understanding helps us build a portfolio that is suitable for them and guards against the biggest risk investors face – not meeting their long-run financial goals.

Guidance on Large Financial Decisions

CFM Horizon lays out cash inflows and outflows to help guide a client on major financial events: selling or buying a business, real estate transactions, retiring, college funding, estate planning decisions, and other major financial changes.

Our model outlines investment strategies, tests planning options, and uncovers planning opportunities. It allows a client to see the ramifications of a large scale financial decision, and how it impacts their finances moving forward. This foresight offers insight into planning options and translates into better decision making.