Business Succession

Ownership of a business enterprise is accompanied by three basic rights: equity, income, and control. Many business owners have not implemented succession plans because they are unaware that these rights can be completely separated – and often are – in order to meet all parties' objectives. Many others have not taken the time and effort to define those objectives, and still others believe that no options exist to meet their objectives. As difficult as it is to grow and manage a business enterprise, the last great test of ownership is in its successful transition of ownership and management. Whether succession is to a family member or third-parties we recognize that:

  • A plan must begin with well-defined objectives. The landscape is littered with failed plans that begin with financial products or tax planning concepts.
  • Our job is to educate and inform our clients regarding viable options based upon those objectives.
  • Optimum outcomes are gained through coordination with, and the consensus of, the client's other advisors.
  • CFM Horizon our proprietary financial modeling (individual and corporate) is the road map that demonstrates options, illustrates financial viability, develops consensus, and ultimately leads to implementation.