Corporate Executive & Retirement Planning

We are skilled in the nuances of both qualified and non-qualified retirement plans. It is imperative that we understand these plans for design and implementation, as well as integration into a client’s personal financial affairs.

We integrate clients’ executive compensation plans – stock options, restricted stock, and deferred compensation, among others – with their other assets to provide a comprehensive picture of their affairs. We then incorporate that comprehensive picture into CFM Horizon, our easy-to-understand proprietary financial road map, to develop a strategy for acquiring, managing, and the eventual distribution of executive compensation plans:

  • Consolidate all plans – stocks options, restricted stock, deferred compensation, bonus – into a top down report so our clients know exactly what they have and where it is held.
  • In the case of stock options, use technical and fundamental analysis along with the executive’s view of the stock to identify strategic exit points on company stock.
  • Discuss and advise on the advantageous tax benefits of certain plans.
  • Integrate disposition of plan assets and/or stock with cash flow requirements.
  • Use prudent risk management to help build a customized plan.